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And we have some Big News!

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Big News! (Read below!)


As you probably know, I’ve been creating for The New Local for over 4 years since I officially launched (longer if you count the hobby that inspired it)! And through it all, I’ve grown right along with The New Local.  I’ve dreamed.

I’ve allowed these ideas the space to simmer.

And lately, it’s been like a hard boil - like the pot’s overflowing!


A big change is coming… 

A new brand. 


Over the past year (and some change), I’ve found myself flooded with ideas and catching all these ideas as they come out of my brain and heart and into my hands. 


Tapping into that has been a journey! It’s taken time, love, and work.


I have finally reached the point where what I’m working on now is what will be landing in a new, different space - the brand I’m building. It feels like it’s time for The New Local to be planted and allow for the sprouting of the new work I’ve been creating!


This is the last chance to order from The New Local, ever. 
The time has finally come to say goodbye to The New Local... as we make way for all that 2021 has in store!

This is it! ✨

You have from now until Saturday, December 19th at noon (EST) to purchase whatever you'd like from what's left in the shop!
Everything is Buy 2, Get 2 Free until that time! 


Use the code MERRY at checkout.


For every 2 you purchase, 2 are free. 

(The lowest priced items will be the free items. Shipping costs still apply on free items.) 


But please note that I cannot and do not guarantee any items will arrive by December 25th, 2020. In fact, just assume they won’t. I will, however, do my best to pack up orders and have them shipped out, as usual, do expect USPS delays throughout the process. I will do my best to have all orders shipped out by December 24th, 2020, but I cannot guarantee it. I will, however, notify you personally if yours will be shipped out later than that date.


Have fun shopping! I hope you get everything you want! 

And I hope you're as excited as I am about this pivot, coming 2021!

So keep your eyes on this space. 
And let's stay connected!
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See you in 2021.